Do we not see the devastation and mass confusion as we go along?
Do we not feel the sorrow of those misguided people doing wrong? (1)

Are we not aware of the madness or feel the pain of humanity’s cries? (2)
Why are we not worried or asking the right questions to hear the whys?

Do we not realize we are living as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah? (3)
Do we not witness everyday the terrible acts of sadness and horror?

Do we not recognize as in Noah’s day that no one gave concern? (4)
Do we not see we are likening to Lot’s wife who didn’t listen or learn? (5)

Have our hearts hardened that we no longer feel gracious or humble? (6)
Where is the love for our sister’s and brother’s when they stumble?

Why do we not understand that as mere mortals we are only so capable? (7)
Are we so arrogant and prideful that we can’t see we are incredibly incapable?

Do we have the power to create the majestic sunshine or the incredible clouds above?
Why won’t we admit that no matter what man accomplishes he can never create love? (8)

We must live with hope and hope to live a life worthy to our creator with glory and praise. (9)
We must hope to live a life of being grateful to a magnificent God all of our days. (10)

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