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Thorns of Glory

4/27/13 Paul was given a thorn so he would not become conceited. God called him to do a great work and he was not defeated. God sees all our frustration, pain, and sorrow. He brings us faithfully in glory for tomorrow. There are so many sad stories, and too many tears. God knows how we’ve suffered through the years. We…

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The Far Left’s Agenda

They were responsible for God being taken out of our school system… They fight to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance… They fight to remove the Ten Commandment from our court system… They want same sex marriages made legal in every state… They want transgender men and women to have free health care to change their sex… They want…

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The Roman Empire Verses America

Culture of intellect, without religion in the heart, is only civilized barbarism and disguised animalism. — Christian Karl von Bunsen Rome had gladiators America has football Rome sacrificed babies America aborts babies Rome had orgies America has pornography Rome had animal sacrifice America has dog and cock fights Rome had an evil empire America has a questionable empire Rome had…

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Ten Global Events Before the End of Days

1. Birth pangs/ Matthew 24, Mark 12-13 2.  Gospel preached throughout the earth 3.  Rise of the great Harlot/ Revelation 17:19 4.  Rise of the ten nation Federation/ Daniel chapter 2 & 7, Revelation 12, 13, 17 5.  Covenant with Israel for peace / Daniel 9:27 6.  Great Apostasy/ 2 Thessalonians 2:3-5, Matthew 25:10 7.  Abomination of Desolation/ Daniel 9:27,…

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