In light of the Boston bombings our administration, much to their regret, has to once again acknowledge that terrorists and their evil agenda are alive and well. The NPR reporter, Dina Temple Raston, made a ridiculous accountability about the Boston bombings by trying to put the blame for the atrocities on right wing conservatives. Not only do tax payers pay for the NPR, but we have to listen to some far left liberal smear white conservatives. In her analysis she said it must be a right wing radical because it happened in April. She surmises this because all the following events took place…it’s the anniversary of Columbine, Hitler’s birthday, Oklahoma City bombing, and the assault on Branch Davidian Compound. As a tax payer I think this woman should be fired.

The Obama administration has to start calling terrorists what they are. They need to wake up and stop trying to be politically correct. Sharia Law is dangerous and if you read the “The Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood” you will see the danger these people present to everyone who is not a Muslim. They are evil and our administration can no longer hide behind a President who wants to play nice with insane people. The Fort Hood murder was called “Work place violence.” It was an act of a Muslim terrorist. Private William Andy Long lost his life in 2009, not by an act of work place violence, but a hate crime. It was an act of terrorism committed by a Muslim radical. Finally it was recognized and “Andy’s Law was instituted, but the Obama administration never called it an act of terror even to today. –Estelle P. Shrum