We are Christians that hold a bright candle in the darkened world of today. (1)
We pray for lost souls and tell them God’s Word is the only truth and way.

We are Christians who preach the Good News and we listen for His voice.
We obey His commandments and because of His love and mercy we rejoice.

We are Christians who attest to the one and only true God Yahweh.
We know there is no other God no matter what other religions say.

We are Christians and believe that Jesus died on the cross for our salvation. (2)
We testify that He gave His life and rose again on the third day in an aberration. (3)

We are Christians that give witness to the power of the Holy Spirits manifestation.
We commit our life to the Lord and our faith and love for Him have no limitation. (4)

We are Christians who believe every word in the Bible is inspired by God’s divine plan. (5)
We declare that God created all things; He is and always was, ever since time began.

We are Christians who love our God with our whole heart, mind, and soul. (6)
We are proof that Jesus redeemed us through his sacrifice and made us whole.

We are Christians that acknowledge that God is in control and never slumbers. (7)
We acknowledge that Yahweh is perfect, and He loves us even through our blunders. (8)

We are faithful Christians and know one day we will see the Prince of Peace. (9)
We look forward to the Day of Judgment when all our suffering will cease. (10)

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