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We Are Christians

We are Christians that hold a bright candle in the darkened world of today. (1) We pray for lost souls and tell them God’s Word is the only truth and way. We are Christians who preach the Good News and we listen for His voice. We obey His commandments and because of His love and mercy we rejoice. We are…

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Understanding Evil

UNDERSTAND EVIL It is obvious that evil exists. (1) It is all around within our midst. (2) It is the human condition. (3) It’s rejection to God’s submission. It is pride that leads the way. (4) Your heart is hardened and takes you astray. (5) Evil enters through a stubborn soul. (6) It is refusal to give up your control.…

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Christians Must Stand Tall

As Christians we must to stand tall. Though the rule of decency may crumble and fall. We live in turbulent and unpredictable times. There’s chaotic behavior and horrendous crimes. Boundaries are not respected and people are uncouth. They have lost their way and can’t tell lies from truth. Religions now follow whatever it is that man desires. Faith hope and…

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Be Still And Know That I Am God

How can we be still and know who God is in today’s society? People run around in circles with their own agenda and priority. In order to pay bills many have to work over forty hours a week. Running a household and children to care for rest is what we seek. We are bombarded with news twenty-four hours a day.…

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