It is said of the days of Noah that people will no longer know right from wrong, good from evil, or moral from immoral.  So God ended that world because there was no man other than “Noah” and his family that was worthy.  Then God created a new world for Noah and his family with God at the center of it.

The new world went on for many years until once again; man chose evil, instead of allowing God to be the center of their lives.  We serve a God who says what He means, and means what He says.  Biblical prophecy and personal testimonies tells us so.

God will never destroy man again by a world wide flood, or any other way.  Man has proven throughout history they are quite capable of destroying themselves. I believe we are living in the days of Noah…the end of days.

The world is upside down and the people who live today are not “Godly” people.  When Jesus said the road to heaven is narrow we should take that literally.  There has never been a generation that is so selfish, so wasteful, and so self consuming.  America was once a shining light in the darkened world, but we can no longer claim the blessings we once had, from the God we once served.  America serves no one now but big government in one lie after another.  They do this by making people believe they do everything for the good and down trodden of mankind.

As in the days of Noah people are eating and drinking, and going about their business, without any thought of the God who created them.  As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah we too, shall reap what we sow.
~~ Estelle P. Shrum