Think about this when you wonder why our Country is going down the tubes…written 2008 election
By Estelle P. Shrum

We wonder why our young people are so messed up. Well how about this…

We had a President that was a liar and covered up a break-in. We had a President who had sex in the Oval Office, one of the highest most respected places in the land. We had a President who didn’t know how to communicate to ordinary people, and a bias news media that picked him apart until most everyone hated him. We have a congress that rarely show up for work, and vote whatever pay raise they wan to. We have congressmen that cheat on their taxes, and then get hired by a President to be an authority figure. We have Priest’s that molest children, and the church covers it up. We have churches that accept abortion, gay life styles, gay ministers, and gay women pastors. We have a drug war we can’t win, illegal immigration that no one seems to care about, cities that forbid law enforcement to report illegal citizens, and everyone wants free health care. We have banks that have failed due to evil greed. We have 70% of the population who call themselves Christian’s but don’t believe the Bible is the true Word of God, and say there are many roads to get to heaven. We have television shows, movies and music that scream pornography. We have little or no justice in our courts. We have kids having kids and no with no way to support them. Science messes with stem cell research and are now able to create babies. We have children with sexually transmitted diseases in the 8th grade, and they are not ashamed of it They also have sex in bathrooms and under the desks. We have many people with no morals and little conscience. We have adults that keep buying things they can’t afford to pay for, and think it’s O.K., and many of them have filed bankruptcy more than once. AND…now we are leaving our kids, and their kids, and their kids with a debt they will never be able to pay. The clincher is that Christians are not allowed to pray because it may offend an atheist.


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