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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes Open your eyes, look at the clouds, and watch them change into drawings in the sky. Listen to the tide that washes up on shore and hear the peaceful rhythm of its sound. Imagine the earth that appears as a blue marble held there only by God’s power. Think about the vastness of the universe with more…

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Praises To The Lord

Praises To The Lord I depend on you no matter what I come to you to fill my cup Whether troubles or things go wrong I come to you in dance and song I praise you Father and your Son For all the blessings you have done I need you in my heart to stay No matter what comes my…

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Prophecy of Jesus

Prophecy of Jesus Prophecy of Jesus the Savior and Kings came to us as a child. (1) He was born of a virgin who was meek and mild. (2) He was born two-thousand years ago to make salvation attainable. (3) His birth was destined and through God’s angel it was explainable. (4) His coming was spoken from Genesis to Malachi…

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