Child of Dust

God formed you out of the dust. (1)
He gave you a mate to love and trust. (2)

God gave you the garden in Eden to meet your every need. (3)
It was a perfect place that offered fruits and vegetables of every seed.

God gave you peace and innocence and safety from evil.
He made you in the image of God never to experience upheaval. (4)

God gave you a body that would never be ill or die.
There was no sickness or pain until Lucifer’s lie. (5)

God gave you life so you would never have to grieve.
Why did you listen to a serpent and choose to leave?

You were happy living in the paradise that God created for you
Why did you become dissatisfied and want something new?

You had it all just like the people of today.
What possessed you to listen to Satan and disobey?

God gave you intelligence and freedom of choice to choose.
But you chose pride and now all of mankind shall lose.

So God cast you from the safety of his infinite care. (6)
Then Cain slain Abel and everything in life became unfair.

Because God is good he sent Jesus to show his love and endearing grace.
Child of dust, for your salvation, call upon Gods forgiveness and seek his face. (7)

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