The number three is completeness a fullness and absolutely divine.
The number four is beyond the fullness of God and wonderfully fine.

The number six is less than sacred it is imperfect and destined to fail.
This symbolic number represents dread and doom in the Holy Grail.

Now the number seven is perfection and beyond that we cannot see.
The number ten and rounded multiples indicate an unlimited degree.

The number twelve is a religious number bearing an idea or decree.
It denotes government perfection of heavenly Jerusalem where we long to be.

The number forty is a literal reference to days and nights verses symbolic significance.
The numbers communicate biblical passages of importance and magnificence.

By Estelle P. Shrum

Number 4 (Re. 7:1)
Number 6 (Ex. 23:10-12), (Rev. 13:18)
Number 7 (Isa. 4:1), (Dan. 9:24-25), (Mt. 18:21-22), (Ro. 11:4), (Rev. 6:1),
(Rev. 8:1-2), (Rev. 10:4-7), (Rev. 15:7)
Numbers 12 (Ge. 49:28), (Mt. 10:1)