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Is There a Difference Between Catholic and Christian?

Is There a Difference Between Catholic and Christian? There are many denominations, types of churches that would be classified “Christian,” such as Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran and so on. But obviously there are members in each one who genuinely have a relationship with Christ, and those who don’t. So, the real issue isn’t what church a person belongs to, but…

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Is the Bible Inspired?

Is the Bible Inspired? If the Bible is not inspired, how can it reliably serve as our standard of authority in religious matters (2 Tim.3:16, 17, 2, Jn. 9-11)? If the Bible did not originate with God, how can it serve as the standard for the final judgment (Jn. 12:48, Rev. 20:12)? The Bible Claims Inspiration The language of the…

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Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God The Historical Dispute Is Jesus God? The answer to this question is the only real dispute surrounding the historical Jesus. No legitimate scholar today denies that Jesus is a historic figure that walked on this earth about 2,000 years ago, that he did remarkable wonders and acts of charity, and that He died a horrible death on…

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Is it Possible that More Books Could be Added to the Bible?

Is it Possible that More Books Could be Added to the Bible? There is no reason to believe that God would present further revelation to add to His Word. The Bible begins with the very beginning of humanity–Genesis–and ends with the end of humanity as we know it–Revelation. Everything in between is for our benefit as believers, to be empowered…

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Is Hell Annihilation?

Is Hell Annihilation? Not a few today unashamedly deny the existence of hell. For the most part, they are either motivated out of the “God is too good to eternally punish” philosophy or they are a product of the positivity movement (“hell is not positive”). This is really strange, since most of these same people who deny hell believe in…

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Is Annihilationism Biblical?

Is Annihilationism Biblical? Annihilationism is the belief that unbelievers will not experience an eternity of suffering in hell, but will rather be “extinguished” after death. A belief in annihilationism is a result in a misunderstanding of one or more of the following doctrines: (1) the consequences of sin (2) the justice of God, (3) the nature of Hell. In relation…

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