By Michael F. Haverluck

November 28, 2007 – Do creation and the flood have science on their side or do evolutionists really have it all figured out?

Skeptics find it hard to believe that the Earth’s geological features and fossils were formed only about 5,000 years ago – not millions or billions of years ago.

When confronted by scientific claims contradicting the Bible, many believers may want to know if there’s a flood theory out there that holds up to scrutiny in the classroom and science community – one that dismantles competing accounts.

Director of the Center for Scientific Creation, Dr. Walt Brown challenges many of the accepted theories, while offering scientific evidence backing a global flood and a young earth. He says evolutionists are unwilling to debate his scientific findings.

Brown believes there should be no contradictions between faith and science because the Creator of the universe is also the God of science.

CBN News spoke with Dr. Brown, who holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

A West Point graduate and tenured associate professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Dr. Brown taught physics, mathematics, and computer science at the college level. He served as head of science and technology studies at the Air War College and was a National Science Foundation fellow.

As a former evolutionist, Brown is devoted to equipping students from grade school to grad school on how to give convincing and scientific arguments for a global flood, dispelling the evolutionary myth that the Earth was formed billions of years ago.

A Biblically and Scientifically Accurate Flood

Brown says it’s unfortunate that many creation science accounts of the flood and the formation of the Earth are unscientific, relying on faith in areas they haven’t scientifically explained — with some using evolutionary processes, such as plate tectonics, “sped up a million fold by miracles.”

Many doubt worldwide flood accounts, questioning how water could possibly cover mountains tens of thousands of feet high.

Brown describes the pre-flood Earth as being one with oceans that were half their present volume and with considerably shorter mountains.

“If the solid earth were perfectly smooth, water depth would be 9,000 feet everywhere,” says Brown, author of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood. “Therefore, the flooded earth has enough water to cover the smaller mountains that existed before the flood.”

A major problem with many flood theories lies with their explanation of where all the water came from and where it went, argues Brown.

He points to Genesis 7:11-12 to reveal the source of the floodwaters: “In the 600th year of Noah’s life, on the 17th day of the second month – on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell on the Earth 40 days and 40 nights.”

According to Brown, the account from Genesis 1:6 -7 is also vital to understanding the flood, which says underground waters were set in place on the second day of creation, “And God said, ‘Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.’ So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it.”

Brown says that the Earth’s crust is the expanse separating the surface water from the subterranean water that burst forth during the flood.

“About half the water now in the oceans was once in interconnected chambers about 10 miles below the earth’s surface,” Brown says. “Granite crust was above the water and basaltic rock below.”

Brown backs up his claims with an illustration of the Earth before the buckling, mountain-forming after-effects of the flood.

“Europe, Asia, Africa and theAmericaswere joined across what is now theAtlantic Ocean,” he explains. “On the crust were seas, both deep and shallow, and mountains, generally smaller than those of today, but some perhaps 5,000 feet high.”

If oceans of water really existed beneath the Earth’s crust, is some water still trapped there?

Earthquakes, which triggered rapid effects in the thin crustal areas of lakes thousands of miles away from their epicenters, are evidence of underground water channels transmitting the shockwaves, says Brown. Such activity needs a conductor such as water and would not be possible through solid rock.

The Hydroplate Theory Unleashes Earth-shattering Evidence

Dr. Brown’s Hydroplate Theory sets out to methodically and scientifically provide evidence for the flood, a young Earth and the processes that formed the geologic features we see today.

Here’s his take on how it all began: “Increasing pressure within the subterranean water caused a crack that ripped through 10 miles of the earth’s crust,” explains Brown. “The rupture wrapped around the globe like a seam of a baseball in 2-3 hours.”

Brown says the aftermath and exact route of this violent outburst of water and eroded rock can be seen in the 46,000-mile-long underwater mountain range known as the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, which was discovered in the 1950s. It runs down the middle of the Atlantic, dips south of Africa and Australia, and veers north about 2,000 miles off the west coast of South America until it disappears under North America from Baja California up through Alaska before reemerging in the Arctic and down through Iceland.

According to Brown’s calculations, the enormity of the eruption was greater than what most could imagine, as “the energy release of this event exceeds that of an explosion of 300 trillion hydrogen bombs.”

He credits the release with forming major geologic features.

“The center of the concentration of the world’s deepest ocean trenches found in the Pacific is virtually the exact opposite side of the globe from the center of theAtlantic,” he says.

Brown explains that the outburst from theAtlanticcaused suction on the other side of the Earth, which pulled the Pacific floor down to a depth lower than any other region on earth. He notes that inward buckling of the Pacific would naturally occur if there were a massive pressure release on the Earth’s opposite side.

Brown says that as the Earth tried to regain its spherical shape after the massive water release, “the most exposed portion of the subterranean chamber floor suddenly rose almost 10 miles to become the Atlantic floor, causing thePacific Ocean’s floor to subside and buckle inward, producing folds, called oceanic trenches.”

He confirms his findings with other scientific measurements and discoveries.

Evidence of the pressure release and drop of thePacific Rimis still witnessed today, says Brown, by the region’s instability and the tens of thousands of volcanoes that formed in what is now known as the Ring of Fire, where 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes occur.

But the ocean floor wasn’t the only thing that dropped during the flood.

The rainfall Noah experienced was no ordinary downpour.

“Fountains of water jetted supersonically into and far above the atmosphere,” continues Brown. “Water not escaping the atmosphere caused rain like the Earth has never seen, and some water froze and fell back down in the form of -150-degree Fahrenheit muddy hail, which buried and froze the mammoths in minutes.”

He notes that the documented composition, spin, density, size, number, texture, and orbital characteristics of many cosmic bodies in our solar system also provide evidence of the cataclysmic blast.

After 40 days, the fountains of the great deep stopped.

“At the end of the rupture phase, the 400-mile eroded and elongated spout had pushed the crust up on both sides,” Brown continues. “With water still trapped beneath the plates, they slid down either side, pushing continents apart and buckling upon their collision with other land masses or when water beneath depleted.”

Brown likens this event to railway cars rolling down both sides of a track that is lifted at the center. Once they ran out of track or met with stationary objects, they would slow down, crumple, and jackknife.

This compression event is attributed with forming mountain ranges, plateaus, the jigsaw fit of the continents and many other geological phenomena.

Brown emphasizes that the Earth’s major mountain ranges tend to run parallel to the rupture, which pushed Europe and Africa away from North andSouth America.

Because of the imbalance caused by the up-thrust of the Himalayan Mountain Range, the Earth rolled 35-45 degrees, explaining why animals and vegetation from warm climates are buried in today’s polar regions, Brown asserts.

Research and Discoveries Support the Hydroplate Theory

Brown says that only a global flood could cause the massive rapid burial and fossilization of the dinosaurs – not an asteroid or comet collision claimed by many evolutionists. The similar mass and density of fossils found in geologic layers are evidence of a flood sorting and burying dinosaurs thousands of years ago – not of periodic extinctions taking place over millions of years, he argues.

Brown states that DNA and soft bone tissue discovered in dinosaurs could not be preserved for more than thousands of years. He says that these problems, along with inaccurate and doctored readings from dating techniques of rocks and fossils, put the millions-of-years-old claims by evolutionists in danger of extinction themselves.

He points out that rapid erosion from the breach of post-flood bodies of water carved many natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon,Strait ofGibraltar and the channel under theGolden Gate in a matter of weeks – not millions of years.

For a brief, yet in-detail explanation of the Hydroplate Theory, read The Fountains of the Great Deep.

When did this all happen? Using Bible genealogies and scientific calculations, Brown estimates that the flood took place at around 3000 B.C., with creation occurring about 2,000 years earlier.

Competing Flood Theories

Not all creationists agree on the mechanism that triggered the flood.

The Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis ascribe to the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Theory as the mechanism that brought about the flood.

ICR claims that geysers and a rising ocean floor generated the flood waters, while continental plates dove into the earth’s mantle. Dr. Brown has analyzed this theory and lists 15 reasons why this model cannot work. He does the calculations disproving plate tectonics, showing that 30- to 60-mile-thick plates could not possibly dive into the mantle.

The Canopy Theory claims that a 40-foot layer of water surrounded the earth’s atmosphere before falling down to earth and creating the flood. Brown explains why this is scientifically flawed and biblically inaccurate and shows why its release couldn’t generate a global flood.

You Be the Judge

Dr. Brown says that unlike many other organizations, he does not rely on millions or billions of dollars to promote his theory, but only on scientific evidence, mathematics and the truth of God’s Word.

Many of the discoveries made by evolutionists in the fields of geology, astronomy and biology have unintentionally validated his claims.

Dr. Brown invites creationists and evolutionists alike to evaluate and weigh his theory on a purely scientific level against others out there.

“Unintended ignorance is excusable. Unwillingness to learn is not,” concludes Brown. “Preventing students from learning is reprehensible.”

Anyone Willing to Debate?

Brown says he, unlike many with theories in the scientific field, opens his theory to critiques and debates – on a purely scientific level.

So far, his 27-year standing offer to go head-on in a written debate with evolutionists challenging his theory has not been accepted. He says they refuse because he doesn’t allow them to bring religion into their arguments – which don’t attack his theory on a scientific level, but only attempt to discredit its confirmation of biblical truth.