Reincarnation is the basic system for the 779 million Hindus, for the 324 million Buddhists, the 6 million Jains… for a variety of dects and cults reincarnation is an essential aspect of their teachings: Hare Krishna, Theosophy, New Age, Unity School of Christianity, Rosicrucianism, Urantia, Gnosis, Spiritualism… Almost all the Eastern cults and practices of Yoga and Transcendental Meditations base their quest for higher consciousness on the premises of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the belief that when one dies, one’s body decomposes, but one is reborn in another body. It is the belief that one has lived before and will live again in another body after death. The bodies one passes in and out  need not be human. One may have been a Doberman in a past life, and one may be a mite or a carrot in a future life. Some tribes avoid eating certain animals because they believe that the souls of their ancestors dwell in those animals.

On the other hand, reincarnation is a way of rejecting the Christian teaching of the final judgment by a holy God, with the possible result of being condemned to suffer in eternal hell,, as accepted by some gnostics, atheists and materialists.

Reincarnation is not a thrill for a Hindu, nor even a good happening to expect, it is the worse imaginable “curse”!… the greatest fear for a Hindu is not to die, but to reincarnate… all the ascetic sacrifices, all the hard yoga and puja practices, is to avoid reincarnation… to live nude or without food of a Jainist is to avoid the next reincarnation… the great sacrifices of a Buddhist in a monastery for life, is to obtain enlightenment, thus avoiding reincarnation.

For some westerns, it may be an opportunity God gives to amend previous errors. But one life-time should be more than enough enough for it… among other things, because God is for us, The God of the Bible wants everybody to go to eternal Heaven:

This is good, and pleases God our Savior,  who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. (1Tim.2:3-4).

But even in this view, reincarnation does not make sense physically nor spiritually, because the soul incarnates in a different body, with a different brain; therefore, a different person is involved, and that person has not technically experienced reincarnation.  And if he soul reincarnates in a Doberman, she can became a great dog, but physically and spiritually totally incompatible with the human person before the reincarnation.

Scientology proposes to remove the traumas of past lives by the use of a device called E-meter… now many psychiatrists practice “past-lives therapy”, and have their calendars full of appointments… and some statistics show 60% of Americans consider reincarnation a reasonable probability… the classic inquiry “Who am I?” is being replaced by the puzzling question “Who was I?”.   reincarnation is a central tenet of such theories as dianetics and channeling.

The concept of reincarnation is very popular. There is an increasing interest in this topic today, sustained especially by books and magazines, TV broadcasts, movies and conferences., in the internet…

However, Reincarnation is totally opposed to the teachings of the Bible and of the Koran. You can not believe in Reincarnation and proclaim that you are a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim… Reincarnation is a grave heresy against these three religions, against the revelations of God in the Bible and Koran.

Ancient Egyptians, left in the Pyramids both the people and some of their possessions which may testify to beliefs that a person would have need for their treasured possessions once again despite physical death.

During the classical period of German literature metempsychosis attracted much attention: Goethe played with the idea, and it was taken up more seriously by Lessing, who borrowed it from Charles Bonnet, and by Herder. It has been mentioned with respect by Hume and by Schopenhauer.   Reincarnation also appears in Norse mythology,

The American Edgar Cayce  claimed to be in touch with many of his past lives, and today’s foremost secular “expert” is the Canadian psychiatrist  Dr. Ian Stevenson who claims to have documented 1,800 actual cases of reincarnation, but most of them can be understood without reincarnation, just by the use of hypnosis or mediums of the Occult or demonic possession, or simply by several kinds of hallucinationPast-life recall as proof for Reincarnation

Reincarnation came toEuropeduring the Middle Ages with the Hermetism and  Catharism who had taken it over from Neo-Platonism. It was promoted in the Western world only in beginning with the last century, by the efforts of Theosophy, and later Anthroposophy. Their intense ministry, combined with that of many Eastern gurus, and especially the efforts of the New Age movement, determined a wide acceptance of reincarnation in our society today, so that this concept became one of the most fascinating doctrines in explaining the origin and meaning of life… though all of reincarnation is a lie of the Devil as we shall see, and totally opposed to the doctrines of the Bible and Koran.

However, its modern version is substantially different from what Eastern religions stated. Far from being a torment out of which man has to escape by any price through abolishing personhood, New Age thinking considers reincarnation as an eternal progression of the soul toward higher levels of spiritual existence… Although this tendency proves the soul’s yearning for a personal destiny, it doesn’t bear too much resemblance to classical Hindu spirituality, which rejects it as totally perverted… and it is totally opposed to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Reincarnation and the Bible:

Both are mutually exclusive. If you believe in reincarnation, you are not believing in the Bible; if you believe the Bible, reincarnation is a contradiction to the Bible, because it offers no loving God, no forgiving grace, and robs the Almighty of his attribute of mercy. The sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and the shedding of his blood cannot be compatible with a system of belief that denies his atonement.

The Bible teaches over and over that you and I will go to Heaven or Hell after our only life on earth, without any reincarnation, “as it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment” (Heb.9:27)…

There is only one heart and one soul for each person, living only once on earth, and eternally after death on earth, either in heaven or in hell..

Reincarnation means a soul can live on earth with as many as 20,000 physical hearts or even more., some claim… it destroys the concept of a “personal” Heaven or “Hell” of the Bible, and, what is worse, it maintains the final salvation or Moksha of a person in the Hindu understanding, because after death there will be no “person” but an annihilation of each person becoming like a drop of water in the ocean.

All present official Christian denominations reject reincarnation:, as far as I know.  Those who advocate reincarnation are against the most elemental teachings of the Bible; they do not believe the Bible!

However, they quote the Bible to claim that Jesus was the reincarnation of Abraham based on Jn.8:58, which is ridiculous; and they quote Matt.11:4 to say that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of Elijah, ignoring the answer given by the Baptist himself to those who raised this possibility: “I am not”, he emphatically declared in Jn.1:21.
They also quote the Bible, Matt.14:2, claiming that Jesus was a reincarnation of John the Baptist, which is impossible, because Jesus was a grown adult when John was beheaded.

In Acts 16, “a slave-girl had a spirit of divination and brought her owners a great deal of money by fortune-telling… Paul cast out the devil from her in the name of Jesus, and he went out the same hour”.

“The devil is a liar and the father of lies” (Jn.8), he is a murderer, who comes to steal to kill and to destroy, and he does it using Spiritism, divination, witchcraft… and he is deceiving 1.5 billion people with the trick of reincarnation… because “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”, and uses persons to do wonders and divinations to deceive people (Jn.10:10, 1Cor.11)… and the Bible teaches to avoid any doctrine which comes of demonic inspiration (1Tim.4:1).

Reincarnation is lie of the Devil, a false theory to enslave about 1,500 million people today on earth, and one of the main reasons to perpetuate the infamous Caste System in India.

In the 1,800 cases of reincarnation of Dr. Stevenson, most of them can be understood without reincarnation, but by influence of the devil with demonic possession or by mediums of the Occult.

The essence of Christianity:

It is not “to know” about Christ but “to be” another Christ, with Christ in the Christian and the Christian in Christ, in his Mystical Body, in his church… and Christ is God, the Absolute, the real Brahman who became a real human person, not just a hero of an imaginary novel.

The Work of Jesus on earth:

1- The Cross: Jesus on the Cross redeemed us, He paid for all our sins for all our bad karma, we just have to appropriate this free payment by believing in Jesus Christ and doing what He asks, mainly to be baptized in His church.

2- The Resurrection: But the Cross was not the end… After His Resurrection Jesus Himself wants to live in us, here, on earth. We were saved from sin to live on earth with the love and joy and peace of Jesus in us, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me (Gal.2:20). A love and joy and peace that nothing and nobody can take away (Rom.8:37-39).  Give thanks with joy to God always and in any circumstance as proclaimed in Eph.5:20 and emphasized in the Preface of every Holy Mass, Indeed it is “just” and “necessary”, our “duty” and our “salvation” to give thanks to God always and in all circumstances. There are no more words in the dictionary to emphasize it!

The life of a Christian on earth is a  A Wedding Feast! , as proclaimed in at least 20 quotations in the Bible. In this Wedding Feast each one of us is invited, and not just as any guest, but as the “Bride of the Lamb”. This is the message of the Cana wedding feast in John 2, the first miracle of Jesus.

With problems like in Cana, but always with the joy and love and excitement of a bride in her wedding feast. In success or failure, good or bad health, always with the joy and love and peace of Jesus in me that nobody and nothing can take away.

3- The  Ascension: Still more: The work of Jesus on earth did not end with the Cross nor with the Resurrection, but with His Ascension to Heaven: He wants us to go to eternal Heaven, like Him!… Christianity is the religion of joy on earth, but still more, in Heaven for one eternity, without the need for any reincarnation, because Jesus paid for absolutely all or sins, all our bad karma.

Yes, many problems and sufferings, but with the joy and excitement of a “mother in labor” Jesus tells us in Jn.16:21. Because Each suffering is to bring up a new life, either in us or in others:

1- In us… because each suffering is like an injection of God to purify us, as proclaimed in Hebrews 12.
2- In others… like the sufferings of redemption of Christ or Mary, of Peter or Paul… Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I do my share on behalf of His body, which is the church, in filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions. (Colos.1:24)… yes, with my cross I am a co-redeemer with Christ, it is my best evangelization, to help others to go to Heaven. An old sick woman is not a burden, but the best treasure of home.

“Suffering” is a great revolution of Jesus in the two mountains:

    1- In the Mount of the Beatitudes, proclaiming the “poor happy”, the “hunger happy”, those who “mourn happy”, the “persecuted happy”…
2- At Calvary it was not with words, but with deeds, with his flesh… the greatest success of humankind!

IT CAN BE DONE… CHRIST AND I, ABSOLUTE MAJORITY!, I can do everything through him who gives me strength.  (Phil.4:13).

Caste System

The doctrine of reincarnation is the main root of the infamous “caste system”; and the Untouchable has no hope of bettering his lot, because his miserable destiny has been predetermined by a former existence.

If reincarnation is so beneficial on a practical level, as reincarnationists claim, then how do they explain the immense and ever-worsening social and economic problems  inIndiawhere reincarnation has been systematically taught throughout its history?

To be a “good samaritan”, according to reincarnation, would only interfere with the divine order of karmic punishment… one needs only glimpse at the lands where karmic and reincarnation doctrines have sway for centuries to see the poverty and subhuman view of life fostered by these teachings… next time a Transcendental Meditation or a Zen teacher offers you to end all your problems, tell him to go to India, they need him!

 The Logic:

Even the mere logic dismisses most of the claims of reincarnation: What good does it do to be punished for something you can’t remember having done?… if suffering is the result of sin in other peoples’ life, what recompense or purification is there for the sacrificed mother or the pain of cancer?… and why lift a man from the gutter to clean his sores and feed his belly, if some impersonal law of retribution is perpetuating his hunger?…

Reincarnation seeks to provide the ultimate answer for understanding suffering and injustice. The ancient philosophers used the theory of karmic reincarnation to explain away such things as birth defects, physical handicaps, low I.Q.’s, retardations, etc., because they had no knowledge of genetics and DNA code.

They assumed that all birth defects had a mystical or religious explanation, instead of being just a genetic problem, or the result of any kind of intoxication or sickness of the parents.

Reincarnation is a False Theory:   

99.99% of the world population does not remember anything about a previous life… do you?

Reincarnation is not true because it contradicts the Resurrection.

Reincarnation contradicts the historical Christian teaching and Bible concept of the resurrection of the dead.

To quote the Bible, “it is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment” (Heb 9:27)

Past-life recall as proof for Reincarnation

Most “Past-life experiences” can be explained as hallucinations!”

There are different types of hallucinations.  One is caused by drugs or illness.  The other is from an altered state of consciousness, brought on by things such as:



Eastern-religion types of meditation


Certain kinds of electrical stimulation applied to the brain

“Going into a trance” to act as a spirit medium

“Channeling” (a term used by UFO researchers.  The activity involved is the same as medium practices.)

“Remote viewing” (a term used by theU.S.military to describe the same activity as channeling or medium practices.)

Contacting “spirit guides”

Typical activities of a medium at a seance

“Visualization” techniques , using mediums or demonic possession.

Any kind of occult activity that invites spirits to make contact, such as Ouija boards, Tarot cards, astrology, consulting a “psychic.”

The teaching of the resurrection of the dead is one life, one soul, one body. There will not be multiple bodies for one soul which is what reincarnation requires. The body is not something to be discarded and forgotten but will be reunited with the soul at the final judgment.

Reincarnation is not true because it simply makes no sense.

It makes no sense because the reason we live further lives is to supposedly improve upon and do restitution for what wrong we did in our prior lives. But who remembers their prior lives? I have no conscious memory of any prior lives. So how in the world am I supposed to improve upon what I did if I can’t remember what I did?

Now I realize some people claim to remember their prior lives through various techniques, particularly hypnosis or through mediums of the Occult. But it has been documented that hypnosis is notoriously unreliable. We have people claiming everything under hypnosis — from UFO abductions, to Satanic ritual abuse, to prior lives. Is all of this stuff true?

A good recent book on hypnotherapy written from a skeptical psychologist point of view is Robert Baker, They Call It Hypnosis (Prometheus Books, 1990).

Reincarnation is not true because it perpetuates the problem of evil.

Contrary to what you said about karma and reincarnation being just, the concepts are unjust because evil is perpetuated and there is no forgiveness.

That’s why the Hindus refer to this life as “the wheel of reincarnation” since there is no getting off. It is a hopeless cycle. And where is God in all of this?

A question that must be asked — where did evil originate according to the laws of karma and reincarnation?