In my limited understanding of the Health Care issue it is to insure the 15% of the population, (30 million) folks who can’t afford Insurance.  So why don’t we just give them Insurance. Oh, I forgot we already do, and it is called Medicaid.  Well then, why don’t we take care of the those folks who don’t make enough money to pay for health coverage by giving them the option to buy into a special government plan based on what they can afford to pay.  We already have clinics for people like that now, and many of them are paid by donations and the doctors, nurses, and staff volunteering their time and money.  I know because I work in one.

When I was a child growing up inNew York City everyone went to
clinics.  So why don’t the Insurance companies eliminate pre-existing conditions with incentives. Or better yet, stop the outrageous suing and make the loser pay for their greed.  That would make one think before bringing something ridiculous to our courts.

Why do we need (at last count) a 2074 page lawyer driven gobble gook double-talking Insurance plan that no one understands?  Didn’t we learn anything from the first stimulus package?  Maybe it’s because all the pork and bribes made behind closed doors would be understood if it were in simple English.

I think we need to (K.I.S.S.) “Keep It Simple Stupid”, and fix only what is broken.