1. Romantic love will last forever
2.  Partner is all they will ever need
3.  They should live happily ever after
4.  Christians are able to solve all marital problems
5.  I can change my spouse
6.  Men and Women are basically the same
7.  My partner can and will meet all my needs


1.    Ps. 127 – Realistic
2.    God – Husband – Wife – God at the top of the triangle – man and                   woman are equal – Ecc. 4:12
3.    Marriage is monogamous and heterosexual in order to multiply
4.    Marriage is permanent – we ask – we receive Mt. 7:24
5.    God designed marriage – God directed marriage – God empowers                marriage – the next triangle.
6.   God expects marriage to be a covenant – not a contract – (Mal. 2:14-         16)
7.   Covenant in Hebrew means (cut in order to bleed)
8.   Woman is the covenant partner in a marriage – (virgins bleed on                  their  wedding night) which seals the covenant.
9.   The wedding ring is the sign of the covenant – the circle never ends.
10.  In the Covenant we give up our rights and assume our                                      responsibilities to one another.
11.  Leave parents and become one flesh – Ge. 2:24
12.  Spouse is number one priority (no divorce – no replacement)
13.  Divorce is only allowed by adultery, but if the partner is willing to               forgive they should remain together.
14.  One who hears the Word, does the Word has a strong house.
15.  Marriage continues to cleave together until death do them part.
16.  Love is not an emotional decision – it is a covenant before God
17.  Marriage is not about ME – it is about WE. It means being a team.                Notice there is no I in the word team.
18.  God designed it, God can make it healthy, and God can heal it.

Definition of marriage:

Marriage is a lifetime commitment an unconditional love to an imperfect person forever.

In the year 2005 – 51% of women were without spouses.