It is with sadness and an extreme sense of disappointment that our government has turned into a three-ring circus.  Mr. Obama the majority of the American people want health care reform, but not at the cost of the millions of deaths you will be promoting by having all those loop holes for government funding abortion.

Your entire far left liberal staff will reap what they sow. You cannot treat, the military, the elderly, the middle class, the minority, and the grass root population of our great country like we are all stupid.  You cannot push a health care program that most of the people don’t want as it has been written up.  Did you not learn anything from the stimulus package?

In my heart of hearts I know if you will start from scratch on a bi-partisan collaboration you will get your health care bill for all the people ofAmerica. Please don’t push this bill.  There is no way your cabinet knows what the 2400 page bill has inside it.

Mr. President, what happened to your promise of transparency, your promise of change for the good?  Please do not allow the far left irresponsible people to persuade you from doing what is just and right.  I have prayed for you to have wisdom when you took office and now I pray that you will listen to the small voice inside all of us that tells us the right thing to do.  May God have mercy on your soul if you force the American people to fund abortion?  When, and if, God forbid this does pass, you can say good-bye to any blessings God will shed on this country we love. I am an Independent and I hope you will be an Independent thinker as well.  Be blessed.


Estelle P. Shrum
Estelle P. Shrum – Author of, He Is The Word
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