This question is from a political quiz I took.  I was astonished by question number #7.


  1. What has been legalized by Hamas authorities inGaza?

Correct!  You answered Crucifixion


Traitor, by definition, is anyone who leaves the Islam religion by converting to another one.  Can you imagine a religion if you decide to convert you will be killed?  Now, tell me that making CRUCIFIXION legal in Gaza is not a sign of the times. We better all fear the Muslim radicals my friends, especially after your read the attached summery I wrote of the facts. They claim “Islam” is a religion of peace – when in fact it is just the opposite.  Ask your self why the moderates don’t speak out against the hatred and acts of violence against Israel?  The answer is simple – they agree with them. and they fear them.  Please read my summary on the book “THE UNHOLY WAR.”

This man was at our church in Blairsville, and he is from Israel. I know many of you don’t have time to read the book but please read the 47 points of history that date back to the time of Abraham.  It will explain why there will never be peace between Muslims and Jews. If you print it out you can read it at your leisure, but this is very important for us to understand now and for the future. You can find it under my writings.