Why do we have disasters, calamities and devastating destruction? (1)
Can it be man’s refusal to listen and learn from God’s instruction?

Jesus said that Satan is the ruler of this earth and he is to blame.
Fear not for it is written he will go down in the pit of flame. (2)

Pride entered the world with Adam and Eve and death was our curse. (3)
God ‘s mercy saved Noah and his family, but sin continued to get worse. (4)

Fear not for God said there is an appointed time when evil will be done. (5)
God said I sent you a lasting sacrifice and redeemer, Jesus, my beloved son. (6)

Jesus said that famine and earthquakes and wars are from Satan who is out to deceive. (7)
Tsunamis kill but God’s love parted the Red Sea for all those who did believe. (8)

Fear not for Jesus told us long ago these things would come to pass.
Babylon has fallen and soon Jesus will reign in His Kingdom at last. (9)

So take notice when all these events occur, do not sleep, keep watch, listen and look. (10)
Fear not for all you need to do is accept God’s Son and your name is in the Lamb’s book. (11)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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