Independence Day is an emotional day throughout our land.
We are proud of our forefathers who courageously took a stand.

They were men of honor and held the belief that all men should be free.
They were pioneers for freedom of religion and instituted that into a decree.

Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were courageous men indeed.
Their vision for American was based on truth and an honorable

Our forefathers were led by an innate understanding that all men were created equal.
Their written declarations were completed and there will never be a sequel.

Jesus said to Pilate I AM the truth to all who will hear my voice. (1)
Pilate found no fault in him but to please the Jews he gave them a choice.

The Pharisees and the Sanhedrins also feared Jesus so Him they did slay.
But truth is still self-evident and Judeo-Christian principles still ring true today.

By   Estelle P. Shrum
1. (John 18:33-40)