This is a poem I wrote in honor of my one and only sister
I lie in my bed and dark is the night
I know the door’s locked and window’s shut tight

But I get this strange feeling that someone is here
Oh my you’re silly to have such a fear

What is that in the corner over there?
Oh my you’re silly they’re clothes on the chair

What is that tapping so lightly on the ceiling?
Oh my you’re silly to have such a feeling

You know that sound has always been there
Then what’s that shadow coming after me?

Oh my you’re silly it’s branches on the tree
No go to sleep and quit bothering me

Why is it so quiet there’s something wrong?
Oh my you’re silly and you’ve carried on to long

So see my little sister the lights are on
There’s no one there he must have gone

All right you’ve convinced me and I’ll go to sleep
But on one condition that you sleep with me

By  Estelle P. Shrum