When you reap the joys of the Lord
Eternal life will be your reward

There can be joy in loving the contemptible neighbor (1)
Allowing the Lords light to shine is worth the labor

Jesus said they will know who you are by your behavior (2)
What you say or do may bring the lost sheep to the Savior

The Lord says love each other and keep your spirit gentle (3)
The people you meet through life may not be coincidental

We are all responsible to be our brother’s keeper (4)
Your obedience in the Lord will grow even deeper (5)

There is joy in worship through dance and song (6)
There can be peace and contentment all the daylong

Reaping joys of the Lord can be ours while we are here (7)
Loving is reaping the joys and that is made perfectly clear (8)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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