Joy is a feeling of happiness and pleasure gladness and a delight.
It is satisfaction and rejoicing in celebration when all things are right.

We can experience it through suffering knowing we will persevere. (1)
For we know the Lord disciplines his children and we have no fear. (2)

There are many joys, but the joy of the Lord is incomprehensible.
The joy we long for is the crown of life and that is indispensable. (3)

God is our strength and He gives us purpose to win the race. (4)
We long for pure joy when we will see our Lord face to face. (5)

The trees of the forest will sing with joy of praise. (6)
And in heaven we will dwell for all of our days. (7)

The presence of the Holy Spirit is the purest joy there is. (8)
It is a genuine and glorious feeling knowing that we are His.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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