This was written for my daughter Erica & Dwight’s wedding day

Lord we are in awe of your wisdom, patience, and grace.
We are enamored with your sweet and beautiful face.

We are enchanted by your grace and your loving justice.
We marvel at your mercy and how you first loved us.

We are grateful how you are always there whenever we call.
We are humbled by the way you lift us each time we fall.

We are inspired by your heart that is so undeservingly kind.
We are moved by your power and your nature so divine.

We are ever thankful for the mate that you have provided.
Today on our wedding day we go forth as one undivided.

Bless our marriage Lord as we walk with you.
We shall love, honor, and obey you as we say, I DO

By Estelle P. Shrum

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8)