I can’t believe that we have been married for forty years. Where did the time go? I thought about buying you a nice Hallmark card, and there were plenty of them and some were very beautiful and had some nice sentiment that the writer wanted to convey from me to you. I thought long and hard on just exactly I wanted the card to say, and some came very close to expressing my feelings but there was always something missing. There were the cards that said, “ I often don’t tell you enough how much I love you”, which I don’t, and there are cards that say, “ how much you mean to me”, which you do. And then there are the cards that say, “ You mean more to me than anyone in the world”, which is exactly how I feel.

Even though I feel all those things, you mean so much more to me than any card could ever say. You are an inspiration to me every day when I watch you as you faithfully say your prayers. You are a devoted wife and mother who would go to any length, climb any mountain, cross any ocean, and selflessly give all you have to me, to your children, to your friends and family or even to a complete strange and you ask very little in return.

You complete me. Without you I am nothing more than an empty shell of a man. Though forty years has brought us more than our share of ups and downs you have stayed by my side. A strong Christian woman that I have been fortunate enough to have as my wife for forty years. I thank God that he brought you to me and I pray that he will always guide and protect you in the years yet to come and that you will always be by my side…“Till Death Do us Part “ May the Lord’s light always shine in your heart.

I Will Love You Always,