This was written to my husband in honor of our 40th anniversary

Our marriage is a forty-year miracle and I give glory and thanks to the Lord.
Over the years there were many struggles and now we are reaping the reward.

As I look back over our forty years of marriage and turn the page.
In my minds eye I see our life played out as if it were on a stage.

I gave you my heart and all my love when I was eighteen years old.
I was confident you would always be there when I needed you to hold.

I was sure you would be my comforter whenever I needed to cry.

We made our mistakes and at times have broken each other’s heart.
Through our love and commitment we went forth beginning a new start.

Still I knew you would lay your life down for me as I would for you.
A truer love hath no man no matter what we would go through.

We have shared magical times and passion like no one I have ever known.
We had our laughs and sadness, tears and fears, but still we have grown.

Without you my life would have no order, my joy weak, and sorrow strong.
Without you my life would be a dance without music, a singer without a song.

Without you the twinkle would be gone from my eyes and my smile would fade.
Without you I would be searching for the good times, always waiting for the parade.

Without you my doll-ing I would be lost among the crowd and my spirit at half-mast.
Our marriage is a forty-year miracle and with the Lord’s will our love will forever last.

Thank you for marrying the “girl next door”

Your Estelle