This was written in honor of my Surrogate Jewish  Mother

You were there for me when I was small
You helped me struggle through it all

You were my mentor and my neighbor
You gave me guidance and hope with fervor

You took me under your wing and said that I could fly
You told me there was neither height nor limit on how high

You were there with a listening ear when I needed to cry
You gave me courage to never say I can’t, but always try

You were right next-door where I could run with my fears
You were kind and loving while wiping away my tears

You instilled in me a sense of self-pride
Even though my family had secrets to hide

You were the type of mother I needed so badly
I love you, pray for you, and praise you gladly

Now that I am grown you are a treasured friend
Someone on whom I can still trust and depend

By   Estelle P. Shrum

(Leviticus 19:16-18), (Isaiah 66:13), (Romans 13:10)