This was written in honor of my Mother

You will be missed though you didn’t think you would
Completing the journey that you never thought you could

The road was never straight for you it was rocky and rough
You traveled it as best you could weathered but still tough

Life is about lessons and some of them we never learn
We are here for but a moment such a brief sojourn

All you ever wanted was to be understood and loved
Yet never fully trusting God’s grace from above

It’s been difficult for you through out the years
There were so many sad times and so many tears

You had too many problems more than your share
The lost of childhood innocence was not very fare

You can be rest assured that we place no blame
Now at home with the Lord there is no shame

You are healed and God has made you well
Safe from the torments of Satan and hell

Now you know true peace of mind
And joy of the spirit you will find

No more reasons for you to be sad
You are with the Father you never had

By Estelle P. Shrum

June 1,st 2004
You know when everything is said and done we only have one Mom. My Mom died today. There are so many mixed emotions when you lose your Mother. For so many people there is no relationship that is closer or more endearing than with their Mother, for others it is like a sparring match. With my Mom the relationship was very complex. Her life was complex and complicated. But in God’s mercy he gave me the gift of allowing me to be by her side when she passed on to the Lord. I wrote this poem in dedication to my Mom. I know she is at peace now with her Father in heaven.