Written atSt. Vincent’s hospital In New York City, when I had a nervous breakdown in 1964.  This was before I came to know the Lord and how good and merciful He is.

There is a power somewhere above, a strength, a light, an understanding, and a love.

To seek, to wonder, to behold, I am told, that this fantasy will end when we’re old.

It’s funny, yet strange, how we all laugh and cry, like puppets on stage we all shall die.

What is the secret of contentment that one finds, is it faith, fortune, or just being kind.

Is death really and ending, or is it a start, this we don’t know only what’s in our heart.

Learning is a gift that most of us own, some take advantage and other’s just roam.

Patient is a virtue, this is so true, and life to me is waiting it all through.

By   Estelle P. Shrum