Although it has been written long ago the fate of man.
Does this mean we should allow evil to overtake our land.

Just because the story is told and the tale is spun.
Does this mean everything is said and done?

For God and his mercy can change our fate.
As He did with the Israelites before it was too late.

God is the author of the Bible, thus He knows the end of the story.
Outside of time He laid the heavens and earth shining in glory. ( 1 )

Liken to any book the Bible has a beginning, a climax, and a goal.
God’s purpose is to give you life and save your eternal soul. ( 2 )

For there is not one of us who does not sin. ( 3 )
Standing firm in faith we are assured to win. ( 4 )

Times are evil and we have to resist against the devil’s schemes. ( 5 )
He’s in our midst to distort God’s word and destroy our dreams.

Never tire of doing what is right and just in the land.
For your prayers reach heaven and are heard from man.

Be a soldier for the Lord and fight against worldly affairs.
Do not allow the few to remove God as if no one cares.

Tear down obstacles raised against God, and our Nation will not fail. (6 )
By teaching truth and rebuking error and in our courts, justice will prevail.

Pray to keep God in our Country and honor His written Word.
Rejoice that your name is in His book and let our voices be heard.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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