Written for all those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome

Waking and walking into the night
Sleep it seems is not in sight

Musical beds is played instead
Just wanting to rest a weary head

Counting sheep and creating lists
Thinking of things that were amiss

Singing songs and humming a tune
Staring at the lazy moon

Hot baths, lotions, magic potions
Wishing, hoping, going through motions

Reciting poems, praying for sleep
What must be done to slumber deep

Reading, writing, watching T.V.
Resting, relaxing, this all eludes me

Herbs, spices, warm milk, and hot tea
White noise, music, and tapes of the sea

Deep breathing, pills, even meditating
Sleep won’t come so tired of waiting

Legs jumping they won’t be still
Body and motion control the will

Worms crawling inside the veins
As hope for rest finally wanes

Twilight, sunlight, coming fast
Now sleep will come, sleep at last

By Estelle P. Shrum

(Psalm 17:15)