This poem was written for my father-in-law-Dwight’s 90th birthday who was a retired Pam American Pilot

You are a father, grandfather, and great grandfather too.
You were a husband, a pilot and captain of the crew.

You have traveled the globe over, and saw sights to behold.

You lived nine generations and witnessed its history unfold.
You wrote a book full of your experiences and still have stories to tell.
You met people from every nationality and bid many friends farewell.

You fulfilled your dream with a career that was exciting and new.
You soared high above the clouds fromEgypttoPeru.

You were married for sixty years to your high school sweetheart.
You now have a second life with a lady who is charming and smart

You were blessed with three children, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and good health.
You visited exotic rich countries, and some poor ones too, in style and wealth.

You made aging magical and people now believe that living to 90 is fun.
You are now enjoying life in the Villages underFlorida’s tropical sun.

By  Estelle P. Shrum