How we marvel at natures own?
Coming together as in a poem.

Creatures have a soul for sure.
Just look into their eyes so pure.

You’ve heard the stories….
How they rescue and save?

Their needs are simple.
It’s our love they crave.

One day the Lion shall lick our hand.
And peace will be throughout the land.

Though we have dominion over them all.
Injustice to them will be our downfall.

The balance of nature may seem cruel.
Compare them to man and we are the fool.

Why do we hurt them can we not see.
Misguided and stubborn keepers are we.

Peace to God creature’s small and great.
Let us watch over them for we are their fate.

By Estelle P. Shrum

(Genesis 1:28-30), (Genesis 2:19-20)