Poem written for my Jewish Papa’s 80th birthday

Oh my gosh, oh my soul
How can I be eighty years ole’

I realize that life is not as much fun;
Bbut I certainly don’t feel that I am done

My mother lived to be one hundred, and longevity is in my genes.
Still in my heart I sing and dance, I am not finished by any means.

Sometimes I tire easily and my legs feel weak and unstable.
Sometimes I just need a nap and then I am refreshed and able.

And even though I have to schlep my oxygen all around town.
I still have plenty of energy an don’t allow it to get me down.

Eighty years old may sound quite old to some.
But not to those who are one hundred and one.

So, I will continue to sing and dance if only in my mind.
And hope all those that hear my song will be very kind.

By  Estelle P. Shrum