This is the first poem I wrote while I was at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City

This strange black mood is so hard to explain
I’m in it for days and here I remain

Everything seems so dark and dreary
My heart is heavy alone and weary

I feel so tired, exhausted and bruised
For my heart hurts and I feel abused

The stretch ahead appears too long
And in my mind everything is wrong

It’s so horrible to feel this way
Is it for my sins I must pay

Oh Lord it’s getting so very dark
I’m sinking deep and losing heart

If I am paying for wrongs that I’ve done
Please let it pass for I have no where to run

Have something good happen today or tomorrow
So I will be able to get out of this sorrow

I need so desperately peace of mind
To feel again well and fine

Life is arduous as it must be
In this black mood it’s impossible for me

So I pray above to you whomever
To take away this mood forever

By  Estelle  P. Shrum