Abba – Why do I have still nightmares at 62 years old – why do I wake up in the middle of the night screaming, weeping as if my heart will break – feeling lost and frightened?

Abba – Why do I always dream of being lost and never finding my destination, or always losing something of value and never finding it before I wake.

Abba – Why can’t I have good dreams when I go to sleep at night?

Abba – If I am lost in my dreams, am I lost in life?

Abba – Am I a lost soul and do not know it? For my dreams tell me I am always lost, and looking for something.

Abba – Why do I keep searching for my home, if I have found you?

Abba – I thought you showed me that I was not lost to you, but I was lost in this world. For this world is not my home…

Abba – I thought I had the answer…but the nightmares continue.

Abba – The haunting in my mind and frustration of searching for something that is lost, or I can’t find my way home torments me.

Abba – Will my nightmares ever stop?

Abba – Help your child to have peace of mind when she sleeps.

Abba – Please give me peace of mind at night for in the darkness I cannot cope and even when the light comes I still feel like a lost child.

Abba – I love you so much but the pain I suffer in secret is crushing me Father.

Abba – Why? Please tell me why? –Please make them stop Father.

Amen and Amen