We blame the young soldiers who were only a few.
We blame them for shaming the red, white, and blue.

We blame Mrs. Murray for no longer having school prayer.
We blame the addicts and homeless who no longer care.

We blame the rich and famous for frivolous living.
We blame the masses of people who are so unforgiving.

We blame the courts, judges, lawyers and teachers.
We blame the churches, ministers, and the preachers.

We blame the immigrants, criminals, and the police.
We blame everyone else while we cry out for peace.

We blame the government, the President, and past history.
We blame it on God, but His answer to us is no mystery.

I gave you the Garden of Eden and all you had to do was obey. (1)
But you allowed your willful hearts to lead you astray. (2)

I gave you the earth and the vegetation, and the seas and the skies. (3)
I told you bright would be your days if you would only be wise.

I warned you that sin would destroy you but conquer it you must.
For on the day you turn from me your soul will return to the dust. (4)

It is so easy to hate and blame others for the error of their ways.
The human race needs to repent and turn to God with praise. (5)

We all sin and fall short of His glory whether it is small or great (6)
We are all to blame so let us pray for our world before it is too late

By  Estelle P. Shrum

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