Angels are an integral part of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
They existed in the heavenly realm even before man’s creation.

In the Garden of Eden the demon angel Satan deceived and tempted Eve.  (1)
Adam also disobeyed God so they were sentenced to death and told to leave.   (2

God had placed cherubim’s and a flaming sword barring the tree of life for all time.
Regrettably all men inherited depravity for the consequences of their prideful crime. (3)

The angels are ministering spirits sent forth to those who are heirs of God’s salvation.  (4)
Angels are glorious and whenever men are witness to them they experience exhilaration.

Jacob encountered angels before he met with his brother Esau carrying the burden for his lie. (5)
Elijah had an angel appear to him two times to say “Arise and eat” after he cried out to die. (6)

Angels warned Lot thatSodomandGomorrahwould be destroyed by brimstone and fires. (7)
They smote the wicked people with blindness and destroyed all the evil doers and liars. (8)

Mary the mother of Jesus saw the angel Gabriel and was amazed and stunned by his news. (9)
She was blessed among women and became the mother of Jesus the savior of the Jews. (10)

Angels comforted Jesus in the garden, they announced he had risen and one rolled back the stone door. (11)
Angels saved Daniel from the lion’s mouth and now angels sit on the right hand of Jesus forever more. (12)

Angels protect us and one day we will know them and share the knowledge they have of the Lord. (13)
The angels sing and rejoice whenever a sinner repents to serve the only true God for their reward. (14)

Mary Magdalene, Paul, John, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were all stunned by the angels that were sent by Jesus. (15)
Jesus confirmed the existence of angels, archangels, seraphim‘s, cherubim’s, authorities and powers that watch over us. (16)

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By Estelle P. Shrum

“Our valleys may be filled with foes and tears; but we can lift our eyes to the hills to see God and the angels, heaven’s spectators, who support us according to God’s infinite wisdom as they prepare our welcome home.”  — Billy Graham