You gave us patience for those we cannot tolerate. (1)
You gave us understanding for those we hate. (2)

You gave us peace while in the midst of reigning terror. (3)
You gave us wisdom when we were surrounded by fervor. (4)

You gave us the fortitude to strive to be our very best.
You gave us our daily bread until we were at our rest. (5)

You gave us intelligence not repeat the error of our ways.
You gave us thanksgiving for all of our blessed days.

You gave us the ability to rise above the crowd.
You gave us confidence while not being proud.

You gave us hope when all seemed at loss. (6)
You gave us compassion remembering the cross. (7)

You gave us strength to stand up to evil men. (8)
You gave us faith to face the lion’s den. (9)

You gave us your all Lord and unworthy were we.
You gave us your life Lord for all eternity. (10)

By Estelle P. Shrum

1. Pr. 19:11
2. Ps. 147:5
3. Jn. 16:33
4. 1 Co. 1:12, Jas. 1:5
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6. Ps. 42:5, Ps. 62:5, Ro. 15:4
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10. Jn. 3:16


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