We trust you through the fires, the floods, the storms and devastation. (1)
We look to you for our strength, endurance, fortitude and inspiration. (2)

We have faith that you are in control of our every situation. (3)
We look up and give you praise through our fears and desperation. (4 )

We depend on you during our times of trials and temptation. (5)
We open our hearts and minds even in our frustration.

We offer up our prayers in love and dedication. (6)
We glorify your name for our salvation. (7)

We acknowledge your holiness and personification. (8)
We are awed and enamored by your manifestation.

We adore you with deep respect and adulation. (9)
We recognize the beauty and power of all your creation. (10)

We know you are Lord by your transformation. (11)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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