Living a Christian life at times is not an easy thing to do. (1)
The secular world bombards us with fallacies that are untrue. (2)

Its emphasis is on self-gratification, wealth, fame, and pleasure. (3)
But following a pure Christian life will give us a lasting treasure. (4)

We are faced daily with decisions to follow worldly ways or God’s teaching.
We make excuses for the wrongs we do and manipulate biblical preaching. (5)

We lie and steal, and tell ourselves, no one was hurt so it’s okay. (6)
Or it’s only a white lie, a little item of no value, or a debt we just don’t pay. (7)

The earth is filled with greed, perversion, and people living in denial. (8)
We live in a world where sin is rampant and Christian values are on trial.

The Ten Commandants have no gray areas for they are clearly black and white. (9)
There is no need for interpretation or discussion of what is wrong or right.

Jesus said pay unto Caesar what Caesar is rightfully due. (10)
So cheating the authorities would be wrong to pursue.

Jesus said love your neighbor as I have loved you. (11)
What a perfect place this would be if that were true.

Jesus said thou shall not kill, but babies are put to death before they are born. (12)
Blaspheme is the unforgivable sin, and for these little souls we must mourn. (13)

Jesus said to care for the poor and honor thy father and thy mother. (14)
Yet we harbor hatred and prejudice in our hearts against each other.

Jesus said the greatest law is to love God with your whole heart, soul, and mind.
When we do this Satan has no power over us, and the peace of presence we will find. (15)

If your efforts are not being blessed, remember that sin separates us from God’s grace.
God loves all his children, but He is perfection and while in sin you will not see his face. (16)

So what would Jesus have us do when faced with dishonesty, temptation, and sin?
He would have us confess our sins, believe he died for you, repent, and walk with Him.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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