Isaiah says the grass withers and flowers fall but the Word of God stands forever. (1)
Many have tried to change the Bible but their forgeries were not very clever.

The Apocrypha and Gospel of Barnabas were filled with lies and contradictions.
The writers lacked divine inspiration and they were without prophecy or predictions.

Deuteronomy says do not add or subtract the things I command of you. (2)
Proverbs says He shields all who come for every Word of God is true. (3)

Paul warns if even angels try to pervert the gospel of the things we teach; (4)
They will be found a liar and eternally accursed for what they preach.

False prophets changed the Bible without a degree in Hebrew or Greek.
Testament Old to Testament New the Scriptures were preserved for us to seek.

The Bible preceded Buddha, Muhammad, and the Qur’an;
It was given for us to glorify God and to educate man.

The Bible was translated from languages that still exist today.
Still scoffers will come and try to confuse you by the things they say. (5)

For thousands of years the Bible has survived and there is no dispute.
It is history, prophecy, the gospels, and revelation that no one can refute.

Old Testament to New Testament (1400BC-AD300)

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