There are children around the globe who have no food to eat or any place to sleep. (1)
There are infants being killed just because they are not boys and for them we weep. (2)

There are people stealing children and selling them to be sex slaves for the perverted.
There are children who have no one to care or guide them and have been deserted.

There are children being taken from their families and made to kill murder and maim.
There are children who hurt and are crying out but their voices are lost to all our shame. (4)

There are children who are abused by the people they trust as the system turns a deaf ear. (5)
There are children who are not wanted or loved and everyday of their lives live in fear. (6)

There are children who are targeted by television programs that warp their young minds. (7)
There are children without morals or boundaries, without respect or guilt for their crimes. (8)

There are children who are ill caused by their parent’s irresponsible behavior with sex and drugs. (9)
There are children abandoned and lost to society because of evil selfish people and criminals and thugs.

There are resources that aid children worldwide but let us not forget the children next door. (10)
There are many organizations and charities to help children but it is not enough we must do more. (11)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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