Lord we long for the day when you descend from the clouds in all your glory. (1)
Your powers in the heavens will be shaken as told in Matthew’s story. (2)

With a mighty blast from the trumpet you will come for your children who wait for you. (3)
From the four corners of the earth you will gather your sheep that have served you true.

On bended knees all heads shall bow and scoffers and unbelievers will see God’s Son at last.
Graves will open and the dead will ascend first, while the goats remain unfaithful and steadfast. (4)

Lord how we wait for that blessed day when all tears and pain and suffering will fade away. (5)
Our imagination cannot contain the wonder or the love, or the peace we will feel on that day.

Soon Lord as people go about their lives without any idea you will suddenly appear. (6)
And only your sheep over all the earth, and those with a good heart will have no fear.

We will see that day whether we are called from the grave or still here on the earth.
Our bodies of flesh and bone will be no more; we will be as the angles in a new birth. (7)

Lord we wait on high for your miraculous return.
To see the beauty of your face we yearn. (8)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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