Lord we want to give you our all
We try so hard but short we fall  (1)

Galatians tells us about the fight  (2)
How we struggle against what is right  (3)

Making excuses about the way we are
The road to perfection is wide and far

Rebelling at times and failing to try  (4)
Back sliding again and wondering why

At times we’re overtaken and consciously sin
At times the Holy Spirit is strong within  (5)

At times we fear the climb is too high
Begging forgiveness and mercy we cry  (6)

Lessons are taught to us each day
Knowledge we learn along the way

Wisdom comes from God above  (7)
Who gives it to us if asked in love

Jesus came to set us free
We should be thankful on bended knee

We will come to a place in our heart  (8)
Where we will begin a glorious new start  (9)

We will give you our all Lord in a total rebirth
As we overcome tribulations upon this earth

By  Estelle P.Shrum

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