All we have to do is ask, it’s an easy thing to do
So why is it the ones who ask are relatively few

It’s easy just ask Jesus to come into your heart
He will give you comfort and a brand new start

He will change you from within
He will cleanse your spirit from all sin

We are a work in progress struggling everyday
And Jesus is the only one who can pave the way

Muhammad, Buddha, the Pope, or Joseph Smith
Salvation through them is simply a myth.

Search every religion known to man
Not one can promise what Jesus can.

Mediums, psychics, even astrology
Karma, astronomy, or new age theology

Jesus came to free us from man’s chains
By His blood He bought us and now He reigns

Just ask Him into your heart and you will heal
The power of the Holy Spirit you will feel

By Estelle P. Shrum

( Mt. 7:7-8), (Lk. 11:9), (1 John 4:1-6), (2 Ti.4:4)