Don’t flee from the world stay and fight.
Let your life be a beacon unto the light.

We are told to separate from their sin.
But if we flee how will they hear of HIM?

We cannot change the hearts of every man.
But along the way we must take a stand.

We must be a witness by what we say.
We can teach them love and how to pray.

They don’t understand the gift of the cross.
They don’t comprehend their great loss.

We should practice what we preach.
Show them heaven is with-in reach.

We can’t be lukewarm any longer.
We need to be so much stronger.

By our fruits they shall know who we are.
And the love we show them will go far.

Don’t flee from the world stay and fight.
Live your life by what you know is right.

By  Estelle P. Shrum

(Mt. 5:16), ( 2 Cor.4:6), (Rev. 3:15-16)