Father you alone know the number of our days.
How can we ever understand your perfect ways?

You created everything that was and all that ever will be.
As mortal men we can hardly grasp the realities of the things we see.

Our lives can be lovely beyond description or a nightmare beyond despair.
At times the struggle of living is so difficult we fear you may not be there.

The battle is between the Lord and darkness of principalities.
And much of our humanity has fallen into sinful fatalities.

At times this life is so painful that it hardly seems worth living.
But we know you are there Father with love and always forgiving.

Injustice surrounds us and suffering is on a global scale.
Help us keep our faith for only with you can we prevail.

On the days that darkness overtakes us and seems to win.
May we feel your grace, your mercy, and strength within.

By Estelle P. Shrum

(Job Chap.7), (Job 11:7), (Job 14:5), (Job Chap.38 & 39)
(Job 42:10-17), (Ps. Chap.6), (Eph. 6:10-12)