We judge our brethren when we do not agree.
Even though there is room for interpretation of decree.(1)

We judge acts of worship that we do not understand.
Like speaking in tongues or raising of the hands.

We harshly judge those who have gone astray.(2)
While being pious in a self righteous way.(3)

We judge the murderer and the thief without pity or care.
But for the grace of God we could be standing there.(4)

We judge the ignorant, the drunkard, obese, and the lame.
We tell ourselves it’s their fault and they are to blame.

We think we are better because we walk with the Lord.(5)
We forget that God loves us all and every soul can be restored.(6)

We choose not to remember the corruption of our lives before being saved.
All we see are the perverted and misguided people who are so depraved. (7)

Well my fellow human beings in God’s image we all are made.(8)
So pray for the Lord’s children who are lost and decayed.

And know but for the grace of God go we.(9)
Every soul that is saved is God’s wish and plea.

For in the end God will be the judge and jury. (10)
He will judge our hearts with love or fury.(11)

By   Estelle P. Shrum

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