Psalms say the heavens declare God’s glory and majesty. (1)
If we ignore God’s greatness and power it’s a travesty.

From Genesis to Revelation God’s glory is magnified.
Through His Son the radiance of God’s glory is verified.
Adoration is given to the superstars and heroes of sports.

People idolize each other and are put on pedestals of all sorts.
Praise is given to Caesar and worship to earthly kings.

Isaiah says sing to the Lord for He has done glorious things. (2)
Our Lord’s Mother is hailed, and prayers of intercession offered to Saints above.
Jesus is our mediator and was given to us by God with His redeeming love. (3)

The Bible tells us to declare His glory among the nations.
And shout for joy with exaltation for all of His creations.

All glory to God He is exalted with honor and praise.
Give Him alone all the glory for the rest of your days.

By   Estelle P. Shrum

1.  (Ps.19:1)
2.  (Isa.12:5)
3.  (1 Ti.2:5)