Where is the peace and good will toward men that the angel foretold?  (1)
Where is the love and respect for each other that every man should hold?

Where are the heavenly hosts bursting with joy that was witness to this event?  (2)
Where is peace on earth that was supposed to come after Jesus was sent?  (3)

Man’s heart is wicked and prideful allowing sin to rule over us.  (4)
We were born out of defiance and need the righteousness of Jesus.

Man suffers from a prideful heart and the evil influence of Satan is strong.  (5)
The baby Jesus came to earth to make all things new and right the wrong.

There will be peace when the Good News is told in every corner of the earth.  (6)
Then the brethren we will be able to rest and rejoice in the angel’s mirth.

What do the Scriptures teach about the world and of man’s history?  (7)
It tells us that a Savior was born for the salvation of man’s destiny?  (8)

By  Estelle P. Shrum

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